What Can Cascadia Do For Your Co-op?


Good governance on the part of an educated board of directors leads to hiring skilled management, who will follow the direction of the board to help the co-op organize, prioritize, manage, and plan for the future.

By hiring an experienced property coordinator, a board demonstrates sound governance by ensuring the co-op’s day-to-day operations are being handled securely and efficiently, freeing the board and members up to build their community and make the important decisions that only members can make.


Does your co-op feel like it's spinning its wheels? More talk than action? Hard to get the big ideas off the ground when you're constantly putting out fires? Is it hard to get members to sit on your board because the task at hand just seems too overwhelming? Members burning out?

Cascadia can offer your community . . .

  • Continuity of Governance. It can be difficult for volunteers to maintain direction and keep track of information as boards transition. A dedicated Property Coordinator will work with your board and committees to ensure your community plans become a reality, even when committee chairs and directors change. You make the decisions and let us do the paperwork!

  • Record Keeping. Your board and community will have access to your rules, policies, minutes and more, securely through Cascadia's online Member and Directors Portals. No more missing files!

  • Fewer Member Conflicts. Let us deal with the letter writing and difficult member communications to reinforce decisions coming from the board, not individual members.

  • Sound Fiscal Management. Your Property Coordinator sees the big picture and is able to recommend trades and services based on experience and ensure the co-op is only paying for work completed according to the co-op’s specifications.

  • Happier Members. When maintenance concerns are taken care of and management is running smoothly, members can concentrate on projects that bring them joy to help build your community!


Your Cascadia Property Coordinators will work closely with your Board of Directors to ensure all aspects of your business are managed with kindness, honesty, respect and professionalism.

From answering day to day member inquiries and taking care of maintenance to supporting meetings and helping build strong policies for your community, Cascadia is here for your unique co-operative!

Let us help your community rediscover all the best parts about being co-operative members!

We believe good management rests on three key components…

Maintenance & Project Coordination

  • Members can phone or email during regular business hours to reach the Property Coordinator with any questions or maintenance concerns and reach us 24/7 for emergencies.

  • All calls are prioritized, then scheduled according to the co-op’s policies and direction from the board.

  • Inspections can be coordinated, either by Cascadia staff or in cooperation with your inspections committee, and performed for pre-move-outs, move-outs and move-ins.

  • Small to medium scale renovations (such as those taking place between move-ins) are coordinated to ensure minimal loss of income and maximum quality to members.

  • Your Property Coordinate can help your board develop a plan for larger projects (such as roofing or other building envelope work), then facilitate communication between the co-op and contractors.

  • An annual maintenance schedule (including gutter cleaning, dryer vents and more) is developed and adhered to.

  • Your Property Coordinator will communicate with members via phone, email and written notices as required to coordinate with members.

  • Your board will have access to all aspect of the co-op’s maintenance management through an online portal, including all work orders, invoices, monthly reports and more.

  • Cascadia conducts ongoing research into the most cost-effective and high-quality contractors and materials, but will never add on service charges - the contractors will charge directly to you.

Administration & Governance Support

  • Your Property Coordinator can attend board and general meetings as required to provide reports and answer questions.

  • Cascadia can assist with chairing meetings, taking minutes and distribution of notices.

  • Administration, such as preparation of registry filings and correspondence with members will be handled according to your board’s direction.

  • All mail and emails, including membership applications, can be received at our offices and processed, redirected or delivered as required.

  • Cascadia will maintain your share register and keep track of member insurance and more.

  • We can help coordinating legal counsel when required.

Fiscal Management

  • Depending on the service package that works for your co-op, Cascadia can either handle all of your bookkeeping from start to finish, or just process your invoices and pass them on to your existing bookkeeper. All of our books are reviewed by an independent 3rd party bookkeeper and audited annually.

  • Invoices are received at our office, verified by your Property Coordinator, made available to your board digitally, then forwarded on to your Bookkeeper.

  • Your Property Coordinator will work with your Bookkeeper to assist your co-op with annual budget preparation and planning.

At Cascadia, we recognize that every co-operative community is unique, so we will tailor a service package to meet your needs and work with your existing service providers to ensure continuity of support.

We look forward to working with you!